Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Vegetable Nazi

At the vegetable shop again.

This time it's both Drew and myself with Liam. We're on the way home from our teammates' house, and I remember that I need some vegetables for the ratatouille I will be making that night. So we have Liam in the stroller, and Drew waits with him while I run around the shop finding all the veggies for dinner. 

Mrs. Chinese Vegetable Shop Owner (or the Vegetable Nazi) is there, of course. This time Liam is dressed semi-warmly, since it's kind of a chilly day. She walks over to where Drew and Liam are, and looks at the baby for a minute... asks how old he is. Comments on how big he is for only 4 months old (not in a nice way, more like she thinks we're lying). 

Then I go "check out" with my merch. Drew goes back outside with Liam to wait for me. The Vegetable Nazi takes my money and says, "He looks like you." 

I smile and say in a friendly way, "Oh, I think he looks like my husband."

She briskly hands me my change. Shakes her head once and smirks, "No. He looks like you." 

Okaaay..... whatever you say.

Just give me my vegetables, lady.